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My name is Becca. I am a 28 year old momma to two of the sweetest babes who light up my whole world. I love making things, old cars and anything DIY for the home.

I embarked on this journey 3 years ago after my daughter Baylee was born. There was a void that needed filling. I wanted to ‘make things.’ Not just make things, but make something special, one of a kind and most of all functional for both momma and baby. I was bored of all the ‘cookie cutter’ items. From the same styles, to the same prints from store to store, there needed to be more options! Fast forward two years, I am pregnant with my son. Now, my creative juices for ‘making things’ was expanding to boys items as well. I realized that big box stores just do not carry a wide selection of boy stuff either!

Thus, Lulu and Gunner was born. Lulu is the nickname I gave my daughter (somehow this came about after watching Finding Dory two hundred and ten times!) and Gunner is my son. I like to think I have a one of a kind style that fits many. Some days my daughter will be dressed to impress and others, she is my co-pilot in our 1958 Chevy wagon. Our lifestyle is fast paced, and more often than not, not planned…AT ALL. Which seems crazy when you are toting two littles, but it works for us. I like fun colors, some monochrome and wacky prints that you wouldn’t think of seeing on a piece of clothing. I like mixing prints and colors to create something unique. If I don’t have a million and one things going on in my life, I get bored and start looking for more.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Lulu and Gunner. We hope you find something special for your littles, if not, send us a message and we can try to work out a custom order for you.

Happy Shopping,

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